In his delicate Istanbul. Memories of a City
Orhan Pamuk quotes some fragments from old and recent newspapers of Istanbul,
where the problems of the city are discussed, and which help to "catch" the dynamics of
urban life in it humorous modus.

Photoes by Nuri Bilge Ceylan.


When you see a beautiful woman in the street,
don't look at her hatefully as if you're about to kill her
and don't exhibit excessive longing either, just give her
a little smile, avert your eyes and walk away (1974)
Your city correspondent has recieved many complaints about our city's
night watchmen who, instead of patrolling our markets and neighbourhoods,
prefer to spend their time doizing in coffeehouses; in many of our neighbourhoods,
the sound of the watchmen's club is rarely heard (1879)

The loudspeakers on potato, tomato and propane gas trucks
and the ugly voices of the men selling these products
have turned the city into a living hell (1992)
It has been suggested that to beautify the city,
all horse-drawn carriage drivers should wear the same outfit;
how chic it would be if this idea were to become a reality (1897)

  " Delirium, 2oo7