Timofei Dokshizer, the Trumpeter


"Timofei Dokshizer, the legendary, world-famous Russian trumpeter, was trumpet soloist with the Bolshoi Theater Orchestra for over 40 years. He is internationally heralded for his spectacular recordings and over 80 musical arrangements and works for trumpet. In his Memoirs, Dokshizer recounts experiences and philosophies, both musical and personal, liberally sprinkled with stories and anecdotes about his family, fellow musicians, conductors, and life in Russia during the Soviet Regime".

International Trumpeter Ligue

"One of the outstanding virtuoso trumpeters. His playing is marked for technical mastery, delicate sound and fine finish of details ".

"Musical Encyclopaedia, Russia"

"As one listens to Dokshizer playing, one does not think of his trumpet. He overcomes all the difficulties inherent in this instrument, 'the resistance of the medium' so-to-say, thanks to his phenomenal command of his instrument and his bright and significant personality".

"Muzykalnaya Zhizn, Russia"

"True artistry, a fine sense of music, perfect technique and excellent sound are the salient features of the playing of Timofei Dokshizer, that first-rate trumpeter".

"Sovetskaya Kultura, Russia"

"The listeners highly appraised his performance. After an encore they expressed their admiration of the eminent Russian musician by their enthusiastic applause and shouts of bravo".

"Rabotnichesko delo, Bulgaria"

"Timofei Dokshizer's playing had a spellbinding effect on the public. There is no doubt that he has a breathtaking, virtuosic technique, his musicality is aparent even in the minutest details of his interpretations. His handling of the sound is foultless. He can produce a wide range of colours and express the subtlest nuances, from tender lyrical to brilliant forte, on his trumpet".

"Ruch muzyczny, Poland"

"Timofei Dokshizer is an indisputable master of the trumpet, both in Russia and elsewhere. A musician to the marrow of his bones, he breathes life into his instrument. His exellent technical skills enables him to concentrate entirely on the interpretation of music".

"Brass Bulletin, Switzerland"

"How rich and diversified are his timbers, dark in the low registers, flowing and silvery in the upper! You may add to this his amazing ease, breathtaking staccato passages and flowing legato".

"Das Volk", Germany

"The musician seemed relaxed, totally unstarined. This reminded me of Mahler's "Das Knaben Wunderhorn". Like the hero of that fairy tale, Dokshizer played with subtle nuances, such as we had not heard before. Technical considerations become unimportant, what mattered was his artistry naturalness".

"Kaleva", Finland

"Dokshizer can make his instrument sing with penetrating warmth, elegance and tenderness. His agile and easy manner can be compared with that of a virtuoso violonist. He handled every melody, even a broad one, with graceful ease, and can skilfully render the most vigorous passages; his technique is dazzling".

"Sun", USA

"I was both delighted and honored to hear Dokshizer's wonderful transcription for trumpet of excerpts from "Fiddler on the Roof". I was fortunate enough to receive Dokshizer's compact disc and experience a most heartfelt performance, which I will share with others".

Jerry Bock, composer

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