Nezhin - small Ukrainian town where
Dokshizer was born

Timofei Dokshizer was born in 1921 in Nezhin town of Chernigov region in musician's family. He received initial education in Moscow musical college of Glazunov in the class of I.A. Vasilevsky. Then he studied in the Central musical school in the trumpet class of professor M.I. Tabakov. Under supervision of professor Tabakov he graduated from the State musical pedagogical institute of Gnesiny in 1950. Later on - in 1957 - Dokshizer graduated from conductor's faculty of Moscow conservatory (a class of professor L. Ginzburg).

Dokshizer near Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow

For the first time the name of Dokshizer became known before World War II, when the trumpeter in his nineteenth year became a prizewinner of all-union brass contest. Then followed a brilliant victory in International contest in Prague (1947). From that very time concert and performing activity of Timofei Dokshizer began. Every year the creative activity of the artist becomes deeper and larger. The musician was actively given performances on a tour in Russia and abroad. The press unanimously notes the attractive features of his art: the timbre variety, the beautiful tone, the mellow plastic phrasing, and the filigree technique. Enthusiastic reactions as usual are caused by emotionally exultant mood of performing, original scenic temperament of the artist in combination with delicate taste and clever understanding of composer's intention.

Special performance in Bolshoi Theatre dedicated to T. Dokshizer

Dokshizer enjoys wide popularity not only because of his solo concerts, but also because of his work as an orchestra musician in famous orchestra of Bolshoi Theatre. Here he created many genuine works, brilliantly performing trumpet part in opera and ballet plays - in "Swan Lake" by Tchaikovsky, in "War and Peace", "Romeo and Juliet" by Prokofjev, in "Spartak" by Khachaturian, in "Summer night Dream" by Britten.
Dokshizer has in his repertoire many works of old and contemporary composers. Literally speaking, if modern concert literature for wind instruments is enriched with a lot of new talented works, it came out from creative activity of Timofei Dokshizer. He performed some works on the trumpet for the first time and laid the foundation for the tradition of interpretation. Sometimes he directly took part in creation of musical pieces rendering assistance to the composers as a performer with his advices and consultations.
Many works created by modern composers are dedicated to the leading trumpeter. Many composers were inspired by his scenic art and wrote music with the expectation of his performance. In such a way were created works by B. Trotsiuk, M. Wainberg, A. Krasotov, and some other authors. Many musical works Dokshitzer receives from abroad.

Dokshizer with his granddaughter

The performance art of Timofei Dokshizer is well known worldwide. He visited more than thirty countries, performed as a soloist, participated in different performers' seminars, in different international contests and festivals. Everywhere the pubic is admired with the performance of Russian trumpeter and his concerts are honored with the highest appreciation.
Presently Dokshizer lives in Vilnius, Lithuania Detailed biography of Dokshizer you can read here (in Russian)


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